from DVBC to Iptv but not stable

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    • from DVBC to Iptv but not stable

      hi guys,

      im looking to go from cable to IPTV. I have got every thing working. Bouquets, EPG and Streams. but its not at all stable.
      so im looking for the best settings. or maybe some one can point me in the correct direction.
      Recording is very un stable. it records, parts of it, nothing at al.
      also its only is posible if i use the DVB player (1) if i use the IPTV player(4097) i can't use EPG timer (its there but i cant set a timer) but the stream quality gets better.
      if i uses one of the other players (gstreamer(5001) or extplayer(5002) ) EPG is not available at all. but the quality en at its best.

      sow how do you guys do it. and how to get it stable. otherwise i need to say bye to iptv and stick to cable for a while.