Dolby digital Plus

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    • It is on a vu + ultimo 4K with 13.06 image at zapping level it does not automatically find the dolby digital more
      Ultimo 4K,image vti13.01,oscam,module ci+,carte Suisse,carte telesat,carte fransat
    • I didn‘t check the posted sample but i have the same Issue on my Ultimo4k (13.0.6) with Sky Bundesliga UHD... this channel has also only DD+ tracks. If I zap on that channel i have no sound until i toggle downmix on and off.
      I can also confirm this behavior in recordings that were made on this channel.
    • English below


      Juste pour vous confirmer que j'ai le même problème.
      Afin de donner un maximum de détails, voici l'explication:

      J'ai un Ultimo 4K
      Je n'avais aucun problème avec VTI 13.0.1, et hier j'ai fait la mise à jour, que je n'avais plus faite depuis longtemps, et je suis passé en VTI 13.0.9
      L'audio est en passthrough sur un AVR Pioneer, je n'ai aucun problème avec les chaînes en Dolby Digital normal (dvb-c belge & satellite), cependant je capte également les chaînes dvb-t française, et elles sont en AC3+.

      Plus exactement, dans ma liste de chaînes, tout est mélangé, si je zappe sur une chaîne belge en AC3 normal, ça fonctionne, si je zappe sur une chaîne DVB-T française en AC3+ ça ne fonctionne pas du premier coup, mais si je rezappe ensuite sur une autre chaîne AC3+, là le son arrive ! Dès que je rezappe sur une chaîne non AC3+ et que je reviens sur une chaîne AC3+ ça ne fonctionne pas... On dirait que le module de décodage met du temps pour décoder et "plante"... très bizarre !

      Je précise que mes settings ont toujours été avec le downmix désactivé, étant donné que je passe via mon AVR Pioneer, donc audio pass through sur le VU+.

      C'est dommage car quand on a l'installation adéquate, être obligé d'utiliser le downmix c'est très pénalisant :(



      Just to confirm that I have the same problem.
      In order to give a maximum of details, here is the explanation:

      I have a 4K Ultimo
      I had no problem with VTI 13.0.1, and yesterday I did the update, which I had not done for a long time, and I went to VTI 13.0.9

      The audio is in passthrough on a Pioneer AVR, I have no problem with normal Dolby Digital channels (Belgian dvb-c & satellite), however I also have French dvb-t channels, and they are in AC3+.

      More exactly, in my list of channels, everything is mixed, if I zap on a Belgian channel in normal AC3, it works, if I zap on a French DVB-T channel in AC3+ it does not work the first time, but if I then rezappe on another AC3+ channel, there the sound arrives! As soon as I return back on a no-AC3+ channel and I come back on an AC3+ channel it does not work ... It looks like the decoding module takes time to decode and "stuck" ... very weird!

      I specify that my settings have always been with the downmix disabled, since I pass via my AVR Pioneer, so audio pass through on the VU+.
      Never had any problems

      It's a shame because when you have the proper installation, being forced to use the downmix is very frustrating :(
    • Hi,
      I'd like to resume this thread in order to report that with the latest VTI image I (still) have the same problem on my Ultimo 4K.
      The audio settiing is passthrough on a Denon AVR (no downmix).
      The behavior is the following:
      - If I zap to a channel with DD+ audio from a channel with stereo audio, it works.
      - If I zap to a channel with DD+ audio from a different channel that has also DD+, it also works.
      - Instead if I zap to a channel with DD+ audio from a channel in (normal) DD, it doesn't work.
      In this case I have to change manually the audio channel and then it works.

      Would it be possible for the team to fix it in the next update or if it is a Vu+ bug to forward them the request to fix it?

      Thank you!
    • I'm new here and just getting around the many VTi/VU+ settings. I use Sky Germany but want it to default to English audio track. I also use passthrough as my VU+ Uno 4k send audio via SPDiF to a Sonos Playbar.

      I vaguely remember that there is a setting that optionally allows you to save the default audio for each service/channel. Maybe using it could solve your problem.

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    • That option is in:
      VTi / Setup Audio & Subtitle tracks / Use selected audio track stored per service.