Dolby digital Plus

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    • Dolby digital Plus

      Hello, you know that it is not only Germany that has vu +, you could also have a little respect for the other countries including France .Save that on the Atlantic sat Bird 5W we receive the tnt de francesat whose sound is DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS, unfortunately they are not German channels that is perhaps why you apparently do not give a fuck. I explain the big problem since version 13.03 which has still not been corrected on version 13.06.When I switch on one of the channels in dolby digital plus, there is no sound, to have it to grow on the yellow button to select the dolby sound then when I go on another chain same problem and vice versa .I signal you that I made the settings in the default dolby digital settings.I have never had this problem before, this problem is present since version 13.03 and still not corrected.Est what it would be too much to ask you to seriously look at this problem despite that I am not German.Thank you Thank you X_(
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    • Je ne suis pas un expert, mais peut-être je pourrais assister à trouver une solution pour toi. Quelle est la cause pour cette hostilité contre nous allemands? Ce n'est pas aidant pour ta cause.

      Since I am not a native speaker in French and to include as many users as possible, I switch back to English ;)

      It is true that there are not many channels in German that use DD+. But for me it also worked flawlessly (ServusTV was/is using it). I use passthrough to a DD+ capable AVR.

      So to assist you it would be necessary to know your settings:

      How do you decode DD+? Downmix or passthrough? Do you use your TV as "speaker" or do you use an AVR (audio/video receiver) which handles the sound of your Vu+? Is the TV/AVR capable of decoding DD+? What are your audio settings in VTI? If I recall it correctly, there are also settings for using DD or DD+, which might help in your case.

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    • Thank you, for your help, first of all I have nothing against the Germans is my anger that speaks and also to see the immobilism on this forum which is a forum. official for the VTI .My problem is that it's not really DD + but it's dolby digital plus, before I went in parametric configuration then system then AV parameter and finally dolby digital default, it always worked except since the 13.03. I receive it via a Bose 5.1 installation, it seems to me that dolby digital is no longer memorized dolby function.The only way I put in dolby digital downmix but then the sound is in LPCM 2.0 Thank you again for trying to help me
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    • Ok, so to summarize if I understood correctly:

      - you don't (want) use downmix
      - Dolby generally works, DD+ (Dolby Digital Plus) doesn't
      - VTI does not seem to remember your setting of Dolby as default

      Did DD+ work before 13.0.3. or was it just that DD (not plus) was correctly selected as default, which was working properly?
      How is that Bose system connected? HDMI (ARC?)? Optical/SPIDF? Aux/cinch? Is the Bose capable of decoding DD+?

      I will check this evening at home how ServusTV behaves for me and report back to you.
    • Servus TV stopped transmitting DD+ some weeks ago - so you will not find it there anymore.
      If you set Dolby Digital as default then I would understand that also DD+ Audio is just broadcasted as Dolby Digital.
    • I read the moderator @hgdo writing about the topic in the German vti image support thread. I am sure vti team does give a fuck and does not deliberately make things worse for French users. One note. I suggest you change your way of speaking to people if you want to be taken serious & get help. ;)

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    • btw: most German speaking users are using either on Astra or Hotbird but I doubt that there are many using Atlantic sat Bird 5W - hence no possibility for them to check (including myself...)
    • Thank you for your answer, I'm connected in a hdmi bose, and I understand your reactions that I'm not very nice, but there is something to get excited it's been more than 1 month that I ask for help, this is my second vu + ultimo that I buy, vu + says international, the developers must know the digital plus still exists in France and especially on the 5 w, I bought this vu + for its quality and now it looks like a trash, why not put the party sound as it was in 13.02, I run every day this forum and I notice requests for help developers who solve their problems. I phoned several vendors vu + who wonders if vu + is only valid for the German market, you say it yourself {it may be because in Germany have no longer use} so for other countries do not care.
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    • You didn't answer yet:

      a) whether you were able to listen to DD+ before 13.0.3 or if just the default setting to DD instead of DD+ worked
      b) whether the Bose is capable of decoding DD+ or not.

      Bose 5.1 is not a very acurate description. As you can see, people are trying to help you although it is difficult for us to recreate the problem. But at first you need to give more and more acurate descriptions.
    • Dolby digital Plus

      But vu+ is not equal to vti. The guys here a programming for free. Maybe you should talk to vu+ support
    • Yes, the bose decodes the dolby digital plus, until version 13.03 and then works every time I go on the yellow button and I select dolby digital plus and as soon as I replace the sound disappears again supported on the yellow button reselects the dolby digital plus and so on
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    • I am a bit lost in translation :D

      So since 13.0.3 you switch to your channel that uses DD+ and you hear no sound until you press yellow button and select DD+ manually. If you have switched channels and you come back to your problem channel, you have to do the same procedure again. Ce comme ça? :)

      What is selected per default if you switch to your problem channel, if not dolby digital plus?
    • If DD+ is gone when you are changing the channel and switching back, pls check in the A/V Settings, if one of the following is selected: DD as standard, or DD+ as standard or DD/DTS downmix
      According to my understanding none of the above options must be ticked to keep the audio settings of the channel, as soon as you are leaving it.

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    • @cosmos Maybe record a minute or so of that channel (not too long), and post the video here (e.g. as zipped *.ts), then it's easy for the devs to see if there are problems and it's easier to test solutions...
      Docendo Discimus

      Bouquets edtieren? Picons verwalten? Thread (v20.0 released)

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    • Very good deduction, but I already checked in the AV settings I selected dolby digital by default, he finds it once but does not memorize it is well put on yes and the rest on no, but when I start on downmix there the sound remains but it is not dolby .Desole for English but I type in Google translation and a copy paste

      you can develop please, I'm doing but I'm not an expert, I have to do how, thanks for your patience
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    • En outre, je me demande:

      Pourquoi tu n'entends rien quand tu choisis DD+, si le Bose est capable de décoder DD+?! Quelque chose est faux dans ton "setup".

      Fait comme Clemens a demendé dans le post 15 est faire un petit enregistrement de cette canal et le télécharge ici après le compresser.

      I ask myself why you don't hear any sound if the Bose is capable of decoding DD+?

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    • When I switch on a dolby digital channel, the sound of the channel is detected if I go on a channel in digital plus, the channel does not detect the dolby, I must use the yellow button press the line that tells me dolby digital plus and I have the sound until I change channels
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