VU+ Ultimo 4k decrypting problem of two cards in CA modules from one provider.

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    • VU+ Ultimo 4k decrypting problem of two cards in CA modules from one provider.

      VU+ ULTIMO 4K VTI13

      If both CI slots are occupied by CA modules and there are cards of the same provider, but with different service sets, it is necessary to assign the CI slots to the individual services for proper channel decrypting. Cannot simply assign CAId or Service provider (because these are the same for both CI slots and the system would not be able to unambiguously determine which CI slot to turn to). For both CI slots, it is therefore necessary to assign list of all programs to be decrypted. In such settings, the system reliably determines the correct CI slot in which the card is decoding the appropriate service. Decrypting of watching services (and zap) is thus seamless.

      The problem is when decoding recordings that have been recorded in the encrypted state. The system is probably using a different CI slot selection algorithm to decrypt a recording than it is when switching services itself. The system is probably only checking the CAId of the recorded service and looking for which slot this CAId is assigned. If such a slot does not find (and in this case cannot find it), it uses a card from the upper (second, ci1) slot for decrypting. However, if the service from which the recording was made should be correctly decoded by the card from the lower (first; ci0) slot, the decrypting result is useless and the recording is lost.

      In order to determine the correct CI slot for decrypting the recording, it is therefore necessary to improve the algorithm used so that the correct decrypting card is always used when decrypting the recording.

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