BUG in CI - persistent with all most used images

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    • BUG in CI - persistent with all most used images


      I found bug at VU+ Ultimo 4k which persist with original images, VTI+ images, openatv images and BH images too - tried multiple versions.

      Assesment: Having 2 modules using identical CAId from different provider - 1x Skylink Slovak Republic card in Irdeto (using 0624 CAId), 1x Skylink Czech republic card in irdeto smit (using also 0624 CAId)
      Symptoms: The CI assignment doesn work properly when 2 different providers (Skylink is M7 group but providers are different - SVK vs, CZ country) sharing identical CAId for some of programs.
      Use cases:
      Prerequirements: Each program assigned to correct card, shared free programs (identical for both card) assigned at least to 1 of module
      1. When CAId (0624) is assigned to Card 1 (SVK), any program which using identical CAid at Card2 is not playing.
      2. When CAId (0624) is unassigned from Card 1 (SVK), any program which is using identical CAid at card 2 is playing, but any program from Card 1 stop playing.
      3. Vice versa for 1 and 2.

      This is clearly an issue with ssignment in 2 different module slots. Can someone help me to pull this to dev?
    • This is a very known and very old issue. It was mentioned before. Multiple CI's with same CAID simply don't work.
      DreamOS 2.5 is now being patched to finally address just this problem. Simply because it's now more needed than ever..
    • uhm thanks for notification. are you known which module works at different CAId than irdeto? Issue here is 0624..looking for an alternative with custom vti+ from my country, as there is too much of customised "I want" there to have and the pain add everything else is much higher than identify other than 0264 running module of skylink for second card.
    • Basically any CI combination that have different CAID's will work. You can try to use a softcam to accomodate both cards. Simply define 2 different readers.
    • Not possible, M7 with both providers 5xxx+. Im asking skylink support if they can change one card and CI to VIA one but not sure if thats not running at 0624..i assume not but not sure, will see....
    • pmisun wrote:

      When CAId (0624) is assigned to Card 1 (SVK),
      You can read in many postings that it is not recommended to assign a CAID to a module. Instead you should assign channels or provider to the module.