Philips Hue Leuchten mit Enigmalight steuern

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    • holymoly_EL schrieb:

      OK, try these one
      Oh my god, you have made my day my friend. It worked! Thank you very much, may I kindly ask if we can increase response time if it's possible?

      Also how does this plugin understand which color to reflect on Solo, what is the logic behind it?
    • Hi eozen81,
      i have write in my first posted, the delay from TV picture to Hue lighting is a Problem from the Philips technic Hue bridge (he works very slow).
      I can't fix them. We must wait for an Philips Bridge update. Only you can set the Speed in the EL-Plugin under "tuning" to 100 for a better result!
      Gr hm
    • Thank you very much, sorry I am reading German posts via Google Translate to English but it's still hard to understand sometimes.

      Ok we will wait for the Hue update by Philips to see fast response time in that case. Again, I really appreciate your help. Now I am seriously thinking to buy a Philips Hue LightStrip and than ask you to how to adjust files' setting :thumbsup:
    • But philips stripes are not a good solution for a TV ambilight, have at the moment still a very bad reaction time and are also expensive.
      They should therefore only be used as additional room lighting!
      Gr hm
    • Wow, I didn't know that Philips stripes are different about response time. Because I saw some KODI and Philips stripes videos on Youtube which seems to be working good enough. (See sample video : )

      So do you think Philips Go is good to place behind the TV? Or any other Hue product?
    • Philips Hue is good for some nice colour effects but are not compareable to a real ambilight setup.
      Hue can only show one colour, and the whole stipe will show that one colour. Delay is visible cause the control is done over http-orders to the bridge.
      On a real ambilight each led can show a different colour in realtime...

      Nevertheles the Hue Go or the stripe are a good choice, because they can dim very low and have a good colour-scheme.
      The bloom and Iris don´t work that good
    • @eozen81
      thx for the video, but if you look carefully, you can see the offset. This is not an ambilight for me. I just tested the reaction with the Hue app again. it may be a bit faster, but still unsatisfactory for an Ambilight. I have self the Go lights in left and right near the TV placed, but in moment they are switched off, because the reaction time is to bad.

      Much of what you said is correct, but the Go can very well represent all the colors and they can dim down to 2% what other types of lights do not.

      The biggest problem in moment is the reaction time. So we must wait for the bridge update and hope.
      Gr hm
    • @holymoly_EL

      Fingers crossed for the update. If the Hue update fixes reaction time problem, can we say that it will fix for all lights in Hue family (Philips bulbs and lightstripe) or do you think there is still risk that it can fix for example LightStripe but not bulbs?

    • I have the information that the overall response time of the system should be improved (that of the bridge as a central control), which is then really implemented, is in the stars!

      and sorry, my text ist mostley translate by google, too. I overslept some school time, ;sleeping:
      Gr hm
    • BTW, I just wonder if "IKEA TRÅDFRI" lamps works with this EnigmaPlugin as well? For the ones who don't know those lamps are controllable via Philips Hue.

    • Meine Bridge ist auch noch langsam.
      Soweit ich das verstanden habe untertützt das ganze bis jetzt auch erst Razer.
      Und man muss den Aufruf der Lampensteuerung anpassen.
      Derzeit steuern wir die Hue ja über http-Aufrufe. Wenn ich das richtig gelesen habe funktioniert das Entertainment über eine andere Schnittstelle, wodurch dann die besseren Reaktionszeiten erreicht werden.
      Sprich man müsste erstmal die an das neue System anpassen, oder verstehe ich das falsch?
    • @holymoly_EL

      I have got now Philips LightStrip which is LST002, so now I will put it behind the TV and I will try to trigger it only via EnigmaLight. So I have downloaded 1x_Hue files and tried to adjust but couldn't manage. <X

      Can you please share compatible settings for LST002? :/
    • have you adjust the output folder name in the EL config and read the number of the lightstrip from the hue bridge/API?
      The key, Gammut and the IP of the bridge is the same!
      Gr hm
    • Hallo,
      ich habe auch einen Lightstrip LST002.
      Über Api Debug tool, kann ich diese auch steuern.
      Muss ich irgendwas im plugin noch einstellen?
      Spoiler anzeigen
      import sys
      import os
      import time
      import json
      import httplib
      from rgb_xy import Converter
      from rgb_xy import GamutB # or GamutB, GamutC (you must look for the type of your lamps)
      counter = 12

      def popen():
      converter = Converter(GamutB)
      spidev = file( os.getcwd()+'/aufruf.log', "wb")
      key = "0ZnuyzV2ciUVxDGguLeMFwm07AYNPNjV48BHqjA9"
      ip = ""
      url = '/api/' + key + '/lights/'
      lurl = url + '6/state' # die 1 ersetzen mit der Nummer deiner Leuchte


      while True:
      eingabe = sys.stdin.readline()

      if len(eingabe)>0:
      global counter
      counter += 1

      lr,lg,lb,x = eingabe.split(' ')
      except ValueError:
      spidev.write("Not enough input parameter, do you have the same amount of lights (channels) in your enigmalight config?")

      lr = (float(lr))*255
      lg = (float(lg))*255
      lb = (float(lb))*255

      lll = calcLuminance(lr,lg,lb)

      if (counter>=13):
      connection = httplib.HTTPConnection(ip, timeout=10)

      lparams = {'xy': converter.rgb_to_xy(lr,lg,lb), 'colormode': 'xy', 'bri': int(lll), 'on': True}
      connection.request('PUT', lurl, json.dumps(lparams))
      response = connection.getresponse()

      os.system("curl -d '{\"on\":false}' -X PUT")

      def calcLuminance(r,g,b):
      if (r + g + b > 1):
      luminance= r + g + b + LUM_VALUE
      if (luminance>=255):

      return luminance

      import time