EPGImport stopped working!

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    • EPGImport stopped working!

      Hi All!
      Problem with epgimporter since change of sources and format (gz to xz) no import...
      I've read the posts in topics in german and tried to change the sources file as suggested in a post: didn't work for me on my solo2.
      If it failed, I suppose it's because I'm connected to Eutelsat 5W for France TNT + Sport and Cinema... (provider Fransat)

      I hope the developers can quickly upgrade the plugin... In the meantime, if someone could suggest a sources file in the old format that could work for the channels on 5W, i'd be delighted
    • I'm not shure if this one will work for you. I think its worth trying.
      The file replaces the standard file in: /etc/epgimport/ (delete the ending .txt before)

      Greets topas

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    • Thanks for your reply!

      In fact, this is the sources file I tried (see my post)? Among the 27 channels of France TNT, only 5 actually work (I suppose it's the problem of the 5W Eutelsat sat.)

      I can give the description of the channels to be added if a specialist could see my post (!!!)

      FRANCE TNT (Eutelsat 5W)
      TF1 1:0:1:191:4FB0:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      FRANCE 2 1:0:1:12D:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      FRANCE 3 1:0:1:12E:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      CANAL+ 1:0:1:132:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      FRANCE 5 1:0:1:1A3:4FB0:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      M6 1:0:1:193:4FB0:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      ARTE 1:0:1:194:4FB0:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      C8 1:0:1:BC5:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      W9 1:0:1:1A5:4FB0:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      TMC 1:0:1:1A7:4FB0:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      NT1 1:0:1:1A8:4FB0:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      NRJ12 1:0:1:1A1:4FB0:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      LCP 1:0:1:1A9:4FB0:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      FRANCE 4 1:0:1:12F:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      BFM TV 1:0:1:BC4:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      CNEWS 1:0:1:BC3:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      CSTAR 1:0:1:bc6:4e84:55f:dde0000:0:0:0:
      GULLI 1:0:1:BC7:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      FRANCE O 1:0:1:130:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      HD1 1:0:1:BB8:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      L'EQUIPE 1:0:1:BB9:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      6TER 1:0:1:1a6:4fb0:55f:dde0000:0:0:0:
      NUMERO 23 1:0:1:BBB:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      RMC DECOUVERTE 1:0:1:BBC:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      CHERIE 251:0:1:BBD:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      LCI 1:0:1:133:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      FRANCEINFO 1:0:1:131:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:

      Plus in France Sport/Cinema:

      BEIN SPORTS 1 1:0:1:B52:51A4:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      BEIN SPORTS 2 1:0:1:B53:51A4:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      BEIN SPORTS 3 1:0:1:B81:51A4:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      BEIN SPORTS MAX 4 1:0:1:BC0:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      BEIN SPORTS MAX 5 1:0:1:BC1:4E84:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:

      OCS MAX 1:0:1:138:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      OCS CITY1:0:1:135:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      OCS CHOC1:0:1:136:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
      OCS GEANTS1:0:1:137:4F4C:55F:DDE0000:0:0:0:
    • Hi guy, I've a question: where I can find a working EPGImport plugin to be installed on a VTi image? I've tried the one for OpenPLI but does not seem to work.

      Thanks in advance

      Made of 100% recycled bits!