Gemini3 image VU+DUO backup Messi

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  • Gemini3 image VU+DUO backup Messi

    Gemini3 image VU+DUO backup Messi

    Based on original image 5.4

    updated driver : 03.12.2010

    VuPlus backup suite 2.3
    CCcam 2.1.3
    CCcam 2.2.1
    Gemini3 wizard Full
    skin-kerni-hd1-for GP3
    dmm-HDr2 for GP3 (actif skin)
    Skin DMConcinnity-HD-Transp für GP3

    Image was Tested in flash and on USB multiboot with BarryAllen


    USB version for FLASH

    NFI version for Multiboot
    • screenshot1.jpg

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    • screenshot2.jpg

      (36.97 kB, downloaded 1,779 times, last: )
    • screenshot3.jpg

      (40.24 kB, downloaded 1,831 times, last: )
    • screenshot4.jpg

      (43.51 kB, downloaded 2,019 times, last: )
    • screenshot5.jpg

      (42.52 kB, downloaded 1,977 times, last: )
  • Und Backup Images verstoßen außerdem gegen die Boardregeln.
    Pustekuchen ist keine Blume.

    Vu+ DUO - 500GB HDD (Samsung EcoGreen F2) - Vu+ DUO - 500GB HDD (Samsung EcoGreen F3)
    Vu+ SOLO - 500GB HDD (WD Mybook Essential 2,5") - Samsung USB DVD Brenner
    DM800 - Abcom IPBox 910 - Opticum HD TS 9600
    Zotac Mag Mini als Medialplayer - Buffalo Drive Station Pro als NAS