Ultimo 4K neue FBC Dual DVB-S2(X) Tuner ?

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    • Knifte schrieb:

      Zero 4k does not have FBC tuners. So it is impossible, that the FBC-DVB-S2x tuners are the same as the tuners of the zero 4K.

      And as far as I know, multistream was not a promised feature of the FBC-DVB-S2x tuners. Only the Zero 4K was announced as multistream capable.
      thank you... yes i know that so far only zero 4k can get multistream channles...
      but it have a small lan only 100
      u have a zero 4k? how is going to lan.... maybe my solution for multistream will be zero 4k
      any solution for multistream? only zero 4k? i dont like other boxes actually i have vu solo 4k... but not multistream too :(

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