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    • Tried on 3 different receivers. No sound on these stations. Others on same transponder do produce sound... So, not an error of our boxes. The signal is 'bad'...
    • mimisiku wrote:

      The signal is 'bad'..
      but only for receivers, not for TV-Cards in PC and Software Transedit

      How is that ?
      If the station is on the list in the receiver after scanning one should hear it. I tried the yellow button on the remote, and then the red,blue and yellow. Nothing works.
      hier folgt ne Signatur
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    • Has been reported earlier. The DVB signal 'seems' to be off/non-standard. STB's can't handle it properly. Perhaps a new 'trick' from RAI to prevent people from receiving it. Perhaps they want to endorce their own receivers. Who's to tell.. Anyway... only RAI can 'solve' this IF they want...
    • I know the S2 editions of Rai TV stations are encrypted. But this S2 radio station is supposed to be free. And one guy I know can hear it from his receiver.
    • I bet, if you connect a "TechnoTrend TT-connect S2-3650 CI" to your VU+-Box an search with this device, you can receive und hear the Radio-Channels on 11013 H. I had this problem with RTL Guardiacostiera and other Channel at his transponder some time ago. With VU+ could not hear anything, but after connecting technotrend-Box und search with this and receive with this i could hear this stations.
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    • Strange figured SIDs on radio stations on 11013 H by RAI. I have written to them about it.
    • I am trying to put this to the Zero box. It does not work, the light does not pulsate.

      I have done this successfully before. I have unzipped this. It is in the folder zero in the usb stick.

      OK. Later on: One does not have to create directory/vuplus/zero like it says here VTi Install – Vu+ WIKI
      It just comes by zipping right to the USB stick. It goes there by the right names. Vuplus with zero inside with the five files.

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    • The Wiki article says
      • Create on the stick the Directory /vuplus/zero
      • Copy to the stick the 5 files into the Directory /vuplus/zero
      If you unpack the zip file directly on the stick, indeed you don’t need to create the folder manually.
      However, the description is very clear, that the image files must sit in the /vuplus/zero folder.
    • "SAT/IP Client" What to do about that ? Tuner 0 or Tuner 1 do not discover anything.
    • I am not using IPTV.
      But something is strange regarding the satellite receiver. I press OK and do not see any list of stations.

      But I have scanned and approximately 1870 stations were found on Hotbird.

      What can I do ?

      Are there alternatives to how the "OK" button works ? How can I let it show the channel list ?

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    • The channel list comes by pushing the button south of the OK button. (Is that written in the manual ?) Had forgotten. And factory reset has sometimes good results.
    • Is it possible to stream Netflix through Zero box ?

      I have tried to stream through blue-ray player. That device recognizes Windows Media Player which does not stream Netflix.

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    • Ok, not possible. Netflix cannot help how to stream to the blue ray player. Anyone here ?