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    • Where can I find that ? Did not see it in the menu. "Dreambox" is a name of an other receiver.

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    • Thanks for that Duc !
      Looked at he video, seems complicated. Thought it was as simple download ready for the USB stick.
    • Why should I load this DreamboxEdit onto the receiver and "make change to your computer from this unknown publisher" ?
      It is not enough reason to add $(dollar symbol) to paid stations.
    • On the Plugin Browser can ben seen Firmware Upgrade. FGPA browser. Should I click on something there -abbrevations- to download ?
      Where are the informations ?
    • How to upload the software again ?
      The woman with the leather gloves is endlessly on the screen.

      The bitrate of the video is average around 5500 and of the audio 126.

      Can it not be better on the audio site ? Maybe MPEG4 is not ticking in as it should.

      it seems I get the best sound out of PCM and MPEG2.

      Sound is complicated. More so then the video.
    • If I turn the box completely off, not having it always in standby position the LED shines up brightly and does not go off. Or does it perhaps go off after a long time ? I shut it off on the back which I should not have done perhaps. Strange to have this light shining brightly when the purpose is to shut it down without the button on the rear.

      Is it not then possible to record on an attached external drive when it is shut down ? It does not turn the box on when time comes to record ?
    • In Standby the box is almost completely active... only the HDMI output is off.
      The Linux computer inside is fully active.
      When the Box is in Standby you can connect via web interface, you can stream a program etc.

      Wenn in Deep Standby, the box ist off. Only the front processor is acitve. It can receive IR commands from the remote control to wake up. It can also wake up the box automatically to start recordings.
      The box will wake up from Deep Standby for timer recordings - but only, if you don't switch it off on the back. You should never switch it off on the back...

      When in Deep Standby, the standby light is on. This is becase of regulatory reasons. All systems which are in Standby/Off status and still consume power need to have an indicator.
    • The picture is bad after the last installation of Vu*. Does not do anything to change the extraction and brightness of the TV looking at the Video fine tuning on the receiver.
      • Strange things happened also related to the sound. For example the station Arte is now marked on the TV as Dolby Digital 2/0, it was before Dolby Digital 3/2. Aljazeera (English) on the other hand shows Dolby Digital 3/2.
      • The picture is not as clear as before, with white colours too bright. What can be done about this, install it again ?