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    • I cannot choose station by number with the remote control.
      It always looks in favorites though I am in All station (red button) category. I can choose station there number 999 but not 1000.

      Also I see that numbers of stations seem to change. I sometimes cannot scroll to station number one. Sometimes the lowest number of station that I can reach to is 29 or 44 etc. Then station number 29 was number 1 before.

      I choose Euronews to be the station which opens when I turn the STB on. That does not work anymore.

      Is this a bug ?
    • No, the number of stations belong to the favorites, not to the list "All stations".

      You should not use this list but only favorites.
    • I find that strange. One might want to memorize number of a station in the all category without putting it into favorites.

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    • All stations is not for daily use. You can avoid your problem if you transfer all stations into favorites.
    • The stations which I can reach from Hot Bird are more than 999. So I cannot use number 1000 or more on the remote control if I put all the stations in favorites. (?)

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    • Thanks.That solves the issue: Seek for the station by setting in the first letter in the name of it.

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    • "Linking
      Links to both foreign boards and shops are not tolerated. They will
      consequently be deleted by the team without any prior warning. Links to
      Ihad, HM-Sat Shop and Satco Europe are allowed, as well as OpenStore."

      That is in the rules of the board which I had not read when I linked to my ancient receiver, Fortec Star 5600 V2, relabeled as Theaera TH 2000 VA. Those are not produced anymore. I linked to them just for fun.

      I found HM-Sat Shop and Satco Europe. What is this Ihad and OpenStore ?

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    • I see here that Zero costs 104 euros. I bought it in here for ISK 31.900 or EUR 283 !
    • How does one prepare external hard drive for recording ?
      I connected one LaCie of 2 TB with the STB. Then restarted it. It asked about this new device : do you want the device manager to check ?
      Yes, said I and then clicked on yellow button for "initialize". Then was list of "one partition" or "50%/50%" or "1%/99%". What does this mean ?
      The LaCie is nearly full only 300 GB left. How do I prepare those 300 GB for use ? I think 300 GB is 15% of 2 TB.
      I do not want 85 % of the content to be deleted.
      I clicked on One partition and then exit. The STB then asked : Do you really want to initialize all this ? Luckily I said no.

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    • If you initialize the disk a new partition will be created and the partition will be formated. Therefore, all content of the disk will be erased.

      If you have data on the disk you should not initialize it. The disk should only be mounted (e.g. to /media/hdd)
    • Thanks. I restarted it again and the device manager showed as green button "show mounts". Before when I restarted it said I think: "mount".
      I chose /media/hdd.
      Though it said that /media/usb would be advisory for usb flash drive.(?)

      I open the Media Player and it recognizes subtitles (SRT) in the movies on the LaCie only on some of them. Why is that ?

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    • There is change to see the manual if one clicks long time on Help button.
      I guess it is from the internet. But I cannot see the address bar of the Opera browser.
      Cannot see number of issues described in the manual.
      How can I adjust this ?

      I have a Philips TV from year 2007 ( 32PFL7332/10) or so, for your information ! It is not Full HD but it is HD Ready, I think it is 1080i.

      Here is the manual of Solo in English. I think Zero-owners can use it as well. Good to use "Control + F" to find certain information within instructions, like for example timeshift.
    • Where is this new upgrade from yesterday which is talked about on the forum ?
    • Ok is it not advisory to put this upgrade rather in USB-stick ?
    • The problem is that I cannot see the menu bar on the TV-screen.
      Even if I downgrade the picture to 480i or 576i so I can adjust the size of the TV picture to 4:3.

      I downloaded Opera to my computer. Cannot see Tools or user interface in the menu !