How do I edit a skin transalation

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    • How do I edit a skin transalation

      Is there a way to edit the translation of the Kraven skin?
      I'm quite new to Linux PVRs and trying out different images and skins on my Vu+ Duo.
      I've come to like image OpenVIX Beta with skin KravenFHD quite much. There is only one little thing I have found so far that is annoying. When watching recordings the end time of the recording is displayed in German ("läuft bis") while the rest of the skin is perfectly translated (to Swedish).

      I managed to figure out how to edit the using Online Tools for WordPress Developers (downloading by ftp from my Vu+ Duo, convert to enigma2.po, edit with POedit, comvert back to *.mo and upload) but the "läuft bis" entry is not in the file so I figure it has to be in the translation file for the skin (or is it in the OpenVIX image translator file?).

      Any help very appreciated! :happy3: ?(
    • First: this is the VTI and not the OpenVIX Forum. I suggest to ask in the right forum for further questions
      Second: there should be a KravenFHD Thread here in the forum. Please ask a Mod to move your question to that thread
      Third: if you don't tell anyone that you're using OpenVIX no one tells you that this is the VTI forum unless you ask image related questions ;) :D
    • Try the follwing @extcon:

      Copy the file skin.xml of your Skin to your PC, change the name of the original file on your box (e.g.original_skin.xml) and open the copied file with a linuxcapable reader e.g. notepad++, then search for the word läuft and change läuft bis with what it should be (space for the text is limited), safe the file, and send it back to the box, reboot GUI and check it.

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