Cable scan BlackHole

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    • Cable scan BlackHole


      I have since yesterday a Vu+ duo 2.
      I tried different images, OpenPli, VTi+, BlackHole.
      At the Blackhole image is kodi working properly, but at this image there is no plugin cablescan.
      So this is useless for me (Ziggo, Holland). I tried to scan manual but I don't find all the channels what I find with the cablescan addon (344 channels)
      With the cablescan addon they are also in the right order sorted.

      Is there an option to fix this? For now I did put openpli image back.
      I tried yesterday till deep in the night but I don't get it working properly.
      But at he OpenPLI, VTi+ image kodi is not working well.

      Kind regards
    • @admins: I don't understand, why we have a subforum named "BlackHole" (see screenshot), when such questions may not be asked / answered here.
      If BlackHole is not supported here, why the subforum is not removed instead?
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        (34.5 kB, downloaded 7 times, last: )
      Wer schweigt, stimmt nicht immer zu.
      Er hat nur manchmal keine Lust, mit Idioten zu diskutieren.
      (Autor unbekannt)
    • @Waffel,

      wie oft muss das noch wiederholt werden.
      Man kann hier eben nur begrenzt Support geben für dieses Image (zB. Plugins).
      Aber wie soll das VTI Team Bugs in deren Image beheben? :wall1:
      Ab und zu mal einfach vorher das Gehirn einschalten.

      "Is there an option to fix this?"
      Dies kann nur das Blackhole Team beantworten und niemand anders.



      DUO 4K
      DVB-S2x (Seagate ST2000ML015) Fluid Next/Unicable IDLU-32UL40-UNBOO-OPP
      UNO 4K SE
      DVB-S2x (TOSHIBA MQ01ABD1) linearFHD/DUR-Line UK 124
      SOLO 4K DVB-S2 (TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100) Fluid Next/Unicable IDLU-32UL40-UNBOO-OPP

      VTi 14.0.aktuell
      HD02 + V13 (Oscam) im Stinger

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