iOS remote for text entry VU+ Uno 4 K

    • iOS remote for text entry VU+ Uno 4 K

      I download few remotes from the App Store but none of them allow to enter text using the iPhone or iPad keyboard.

      It is frustrating to use the default on screen remote which looks like, well, some older guys may remember first cell phones....

      Is there any app to allow text entry when configuring the STB or search EPG?
    • iOS remote for text entry VU+ Uno 4 K

      Thanks, this is what I was looking for. I was just going to buy even the Ultimate upgrade, to get even more features however there are two Ultimate in the AppStore,
      one $4.99, the other $6.99 but cannot find any description about them.
      Is this a mistake in the AppStore?
    • iOS remote for text entry VU+ Uno 4 K

      Okay, got the professional version and, very nice, the iPad onscreen keyboard works.
      Well, almost, because some letters don't match, for instance:

      / on iPad gives ; on screen
      - on iPad gives / on screen
      I cannot find how to type capital S,

      I guess the iPad keyboard does not match Telly's keyboard. I am using standard US ipad keyboard, but Telly says to use that strange old mobile phone keyboard shown on the TV screen.

      Could you guys fix this?
    • I'm sorry for the inconvenience. The various E2 images have incompatible keyboard mappings, and telly'mote is yet not smart enough to auto detect the correct language and key mapping.

      But there is a way of manually configure it. Please go to telly'mote Settings - Virtual Keyboard, there you see the key mapping table. Please enter the following:

      Key 0 = 0,?!&@=*'+"()$~<>
      Key 1 = ¬1.:;/-_^#§%

      Notice the first letter at Key 1, the one before 1, must be a space! So please replace the ¬ with a single space.

      To fix the capital S issue, I guess you just have to remove the ß letter in Key 7.
    • Unfortunately there is no way of implementing another method.

      The E2 (Open) WebInterface is extreamly limited in the way it supports keyboard entry. You simply cannot send an 'A' to the WebInterface to type an 'A' on screen. It's not the WebInterface's fault, the problem lies somewhere deep inside the E2 kernel.

      On an English E2 image you propably would have to remove the German umplauts (ÄÖÜ) from the key mapping table. I'll have to set up an English image on my Duo² to find out the correct key mappings. But this will take a while...
    • Okay, here is the complete key mapping table for an English VTi image:


      1. Key 0 = 0,?!&@=*'+"()$~<>
      2. Key 1 = 1.:;/-_^#§%
      3. Key 2 = abc2ABC
      4. Key 3 = def3DEF
      5. Key 4 = ghi4GHI
      6. Key 5 = jkl5JKL
      7. Key 6 = mno6MNO
      8. Key 7 = pqrs7PQRS
      9. Key 8 = tuv8TUV
      10. Key 9 = wxyz9WXYZ

      The key mapping is displayed on screen too:


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    • I think I know what the misunderstanding is. You are a summing I am trying to enter text with the remote control drawing in your app, which mimics the STB remote control. This is not correct. I don' t want to press 5 times on number 1 to get capital A... and so on. That is a pain.

      I am trying to use the iPad virtual keyboard which shows up when clicking the small keyboard sign in top of your app as shown bellow.

      It seems your app is implemented on the OpenWebIf http server, I am using other remotes implementation on http servers, Kodi Remote and Sybu Kodi remotes for instance. They don't have any text typing issue with Kodi plugin on the same STB. I don't know how they do it, but seems possible.


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    • Lee, did you try to set the key mappings as written above and then type a new timer description on your iPads keyboard as shown in Gunnars video? When you type a capital A on the iPad, then this capital A will appear on screen. That’s what you want, isn't it?

      The telly'mote app makes use of the OpenWebIf plugin to communicate with the STB. As I wrote before, the OpenWebIf does not have an interface that implements a "type the letter A" command. Okay, the Kodi Webinterface plugin might implement such a command, but the OpenWebIf doesn't. It's simply not available.

      I'm not one of the developers of OpenWebIf. I only know, that the developers of OpenWebIf and before them the developers of the original Dreambox Webinterface have often been asked, for many many years, to please integrate a "type the letter A" command into their interface. And they have always answered that this was impossible because of E2 limitations.

      As the telly'mote developer I've stopped waiting for anyone to enhance E2 or the OpenWebIf. Okay, I know I cannot send an 'A' to the Webinterface, but I can send the '2' four times in a row and, surprise, the 'A' appears on screen. That’s the whole story.

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    • iOS remote for text entry VU+ Uno 4 K

      Thanks for clearing this up for me. I have seen the letters rolling like a casino poker machine and I was wandering why. With some luck I get the desired letter..
      I hope VU+ will have some option one day, I cannot imagine using Chromium with the tv remote.
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      Now I have "random" bouquet set up and still have to switch for my default one before choosing the right channel...