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  • crossepg daten?

    rassi - - Allgemeines rund um Plugins


    I do not get CrossEPG + Rytec to work with VTi, there is no problem with other images, only with VTi.

  • Ok, it was user error again Forgot to start Sundtek with ./ at /usr/script/ It is working now

  • Anyone tested Sundtek + some other brand stick on the same box with VTI? I didn´t get Sundtek as Tuner D. 1. Installed Nova-T 2. Reboot 3. Installed Sundtek with sundtek_installer_development. sh 4. created sundtek.conf, with command echo "vtuner_skip0=vtuner0" > /etc/sundtek.conf 5. reboot 6. I can only see WinTV Nova-T as tuner C I have used Nova-T + Sundtek as C and D tuner with VIX image. I did got same kind of issues with BH image.

  • Quote: “Originally posted by Papi2000 I'm not shure and didn't test my stick yet. But did the install of the controll-center also install the drivers for the sundtek? and after installation - is there a box-restart necessary, to activate the driver and then start the disired DVB-Device (C/T)?” I just did like this: cd /tmp wget chmod 755 ./ cd /usr/script ls and eg. ./DVB_C_Tuner_au…

  • Quote: “Originally posted by plnick Can you try to start the DVB-C Tuner via VTIPanel” Got it work now, looks like Sundtek Control Center from VTi feed is not VU+ compatible? I did manual start for it and voila from Sundtek "you might follow our documentation:,348.0.html Some Dreambox Sundtek Control Center versions are not compatible with VU+" I have to look VTi panel, if there is also start for Sundtek.

  • Quote: “Originally posted by plnick You can only use one option DVB-T or DVB-C. If you want DVB-C you have to start DVB-C Tuner” Yeah i know, with C tuner i mean Enigma2 tuner settings, i can only see those normal S2 tuners (A/B).

  • Any hint for me? I have VTi 2.5 installed and i have also installed Sundtek control center from plugins. When i try to start DVB-T stick i got message below: "It seems the sundtek driver is not installed or not installed properly. Install the driver now?" I have installed and rebooted box several times, but allways same message. Looks like stick is recognized, but i do not see C tuner in menu. Source Code (23 lines)

  • Quote: “Originally posted by scope34 Hi, currently, with OE1.6 not.” Ok. So i have to wait sometime before buying it, I hope it will work soon

  • Does this Sundtek MediaTV Pro USB-stick work with VU+? Installation for dreambox,348.0.html